Mékano Service Électroménagers your appliance repairer everywhere in Mascouche

Mékano Service Électroménagers offers repair and installation services for household appliances in the Mascouche region as far as Repentigny. I master the repair and installation of all types of appliances and I keep myself constantly updated on new models.

Does your refrigerator no longer keep your food fresh? Your central vacuum has become finicky? Contact me, I take the time to analyze the problem and I fix the default quickly so that you can use your devices without delay.

I repair and install all your household appliances

We only realize the importance of our everyday appliances only when they are lacking! Fortunately, I put my expertise of more than 20 years at your service so that you find the full use of your devices back.

Do you have trouble getting started and installing your appliance like a washer or dryer? Call on my professional appliance installation services. I go directly to your home and install all types of household appliances, even the most complex! Once the installation is done, I will give you a complete explanation of the operation and maintenance of your appliance.

Here all the home appliance type that I repair and install:

icone cuisinière
Icone réfrigérateur
Icone laveuse
Icone sécheuse
Icone machine à café
coffee machine
Icone aspirateur central
central vaccum
Icone four micro-onde
Icone four traditionnel
traditional oven
and much more

Mékano Service Électroménagers your local company here to helps you!

I founded my company in 2005 with the objective of putting my passion for repairing and installing household appliances at the service of your needs. I never back down from a challenge and I adapt my techniques to all situations.

I regularly follow additional training on new models of devices that are coming to market. So I am able to help you, regardless of the brand and the year of the manufacture of your product.

My business is based on solid and reliable work values. I put customer satisfaction first, I always offer courteous service and I am transparent with my customers.

I started my career as an electromechanics in 2000. Self-taught, I made the decision to start my own home appliance repair and installation company 5 years later. Today, I am proud to serve a grateful customer base throughout the Mascouche region, Terrebonne and as far as Repentigny.

Contact Mékano Service Électroménagers for your appliance repairs

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Entrust the repair and installation of your appliances to a local contractor who have the passion for the profession for over 20 years. I move everywhere in the Mascouche region and I offer you a professional, courteous and at home service. Contact me today to return your appliances to their full capacity.